Iganga Progressive SS

''Attaining higher grounds''

The motto of this school, “Attaining Higher grounds” was carefully thought of to portray the development of a child through the journey in school. Care at the tender age of primary school, capacity as the child grew to secondary school and became aware of his or her talents and weaknesses and strived to overcome them, and capability as the youth matured to a fine individual well recognizing his or her aptitude and potential and further then to perfection.

The students are expected to strive for “VIRTUE” and “LABOUR” and to practice justice, charity, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty and gratitude. They must work hard in school and at home and realise the dignity of labour.

Mr. Baidha Isaac

To promote moral and good values among students

To establish a team of highly motivated staff for efficiency.

To emphasize discipline of students by the use of performance measures

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